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The World Is Flat Pdf Ebook Download
The World Is Flat Pdf Ebook Download


The World Is Flat Pdf Ebook Download >>




















































The World Is Flat Pdf Ebook Download


The 10 forces of Flatness "Flatness" is not simply about Outsourcing and Offshoring those are just symptoms of the much broader global shift. At the same time, computers became cheaper and available all over the world. Don't complain about it join it and enjoy it. In April 2005, he published a new book, The world is flat which is now on track to sell more than a million copies. The cheap availability everywhere of software and broadband Internet has leveled the landscape. Error Ups, sucedi algo muy grave .. Times columnist Tom Friedman says that he suddenly woke up to the realization that the world is "flat". It has created a newly "flat" global political, economic, and cultural playing field that allows countries previously disconnected from the centers of power to participate in the pursuit of wealth, provided they have the skills, the infrastructure (broadband connections) and the drive to do it. Erreur Oups, une grave erreur est survenue.


His most important collaborators were two Indians: Nandan Nilekani of Infosys, and Vivek Paul of Wipro, executives of two billion-$ software companies based in the Indian high-tech capital, Bangalore. Friedman says he encountered the flattening of the world quite by chance when he was visiting India. Employees are now a vast, global pool of specialists, assembled (and disassembled) according to needs. Friedman trumpeted his new book with an incisive N.Y. The future will not resemble the past. He describes his experiences with these people with the awestruck hyperbole that he previously reserved for encounters with the heroes of Silicon Valley. And there was an explosion of e-mail, search engines like Google and software that could chop up any piece of work and send the individual pieces to Boston, Birmingham, Bangalore and Beijing, making it easy for anyone to do remote development. My background gives me a good perspective of the new world-flattening processes that Friedman discusses, and I have first-hand experiences with some of the companies he writes about. After joining in some of these discussions, I keep re-reading sections of the book, a lot of which rings true. Open-source: Self-organizing, collaborative communities; the decline of closed, proprietary developments.


I was born and educated in Bangalore; I moved to England when I was 20, and then to the US at 30 Ive lived more than half my life in San Diego, California. Outsourcing: Business suddenly realizing that everything did NOT have to be done in-house. When all of these things suddenly came together (around the turn of the century) intellectual capital could be delivered from anywhere. By the way, this becomes somewhat personal here. Friedman explains what the "flat world" means to countries, companies, communities, and individuals, and how governments and societies can, and must, adapt. Don't look for "flatness" on the other side of the world look for it around you, in your company: no "secretaries" any more; minimal levels of hierarchy; old org-charts becoming quickly outdated; emails spreading good news and bad within minutes, inside and outside the company; jobs being outsourced around town and around the world. Fehler Oups, da ist irgendwas schief gelaufen. I've always followed Friedman's articles and liked his last book: "Longitudes & Attitudes". New opportunities are created for individuals to compete against anyone, anywhere in the world using the new, "flat" rules. Logistics: UPS and Fedex don't just deliver packages they do logistics.


Error Oops, something went terribly wrong! . The rise of outside specialists, part-timers and home-workers. He presented sections of the book to the strategic planning unit at IBM and to Michael Dell. It's a new game out there. Bill Gates spent a day with him to critique the theory. His initial discovery came while he was on another, totally different journalistic assignment. And this brought whole new degrees of freedom to the way work is done especially work that needs brains, not physical interaction. After being busy with his intrepid reporting on post-9/11 and Mid-East developments, the award-winning N.Y. Tom Friedman insists that the confluence of these developments is as revolutionary as Gutenberg and the printing press in the 15th century, and how it plays out will be the central global drama of the early 21st century. A good example is the rise of Wal-Mart to become the largest company in the world.


The triple convergence Tom Friedman explains that the forces of flatness have resulted in a "triple convergence": The creation of a global, web-enabled playing field that allows multiple forms of collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and work, without regard to distance or geography, and soon even language. Outsourcing is inevitable and complaints or complacency won't resolve anything. Internet browsers: Suddenly everyone could browse the web with significant and prolific content, allowing instant publishing to a world audience. With the availability of worldwide high-speed communications, knowledge work can be delivered fast from anywhere. Times article (3 Apr.2005) which has now been archived, available only to subscribers. The books material and metaphors are still being discussed on TV, in magazine articles and in many webzines and weblogs. It could be disaggregated, delivered, distributed, produced and put back together again. This latest book is significant in that it synthesizes a lot of seemingly disjointed events and trends. 81c414ba81

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